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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a high-energy sound wave technology offering a noninvasive treatment option of dogs experiencing lameness and pain. The high-energy sound waves – sometimes called pulses – travel through soft tissue at customized depths, reaching specific treatment areas. These waves trigger the body’s repair system to activate. Different sized applicator heads allow shockwaves to penetrate to specific depths. Various energy settings allow for customization of application.

Shockwaves result in higher energy outputs and deeper penetration than ultrasound or lasers. This kind of therapy has been proven effective with reducing healing time, improving mobility, and relieving pain. It can be used as part of a rehabilitation/routine postoperative program or in place of increased NSAID doses.

How does it work?

Shockwave therapy aids in healing by stimulating the body’s regeneration process. The waves work on a cellular level, releasing proteins that accelerate healing. Energy is released as a shockwave as tissue interfaces where the density of the tissue or impedance of the sound waves changes. Neovascularization takes place, leading to increased blood supply to the treated tissue, resulting in tissue regeneration in tendons, joints, and bone. Shockwave is noninvasive so dogs are able to receive treatment with minimal recovery time. Many pets begin to see relief in one to three treatments. Results may seem to appear immediately, however, it takes time for the biological responses to take place.

Non-invasive shockwave therapy is completed on an outpatient basis, meaning treatment, recovery and discharge can be performed while owners wait. A typical treatment lasts 5-10 minutes.

What is Shockwave Therapy used for?

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint injuries – hips, elbows, stifle (knee), and shoulder
  • Chronic back pain, lumbosacral disease
  • Non-union or delayed union fractures
  • Tendon/ligament injuries
  • Chronic soft tissue wounds

What is the difference between Shockwave Therapy & Laser Therapy?

  • The biggest difference between shockwave and lasers is the energy source. Lasers use light energy while shockwaves use sound energy.
  • Shockwaves create higher energy outputs and can penetrate deeper than a laser. Lasers are mostly beneficial for superficial indications that require a few millimeters in depth.
  • One to three shockwave treatments can provide long-term healing. In contrast, lasers require 10-15 treatments for any given injury. 
  • Shockwave therapy is FDA-approved. There is over 10 years of shockwave research in both veterinary and human medicine.
  • There are no risks of burns with sound energy. No protective eye wear is needed.
  • Shockwave therapy has had no adverse effects reported.

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